Prices for the dental services at the Dr. Todosi Individual Practice

Complete list of prices and dental services provided by Dr. Todosi.

The prices of the services are directly related to the operating cost and the materials used. The payment for the services can be made both in cash and by bank transfer or other payment instruments. For complex works, the dental specialist will make a cost estimate after the first consultation. At the same time, the payment modality will be established.

Please see the following list of dental service we provide, as well as the prices we apply.

prophylactic dentistry fees

Dental Service Fee
Fluoride therapy / tooth 5 EUR
Application of dentin desensitizer/tooth 5 EUR
Dental consultation 10 EUR
Professional tooth brushing 20 EUR
Temporary tooth filling 20 EUR
Prophylaxis for children 25 EUR
Prophylaxis for adults 37 EUR
Fluoride therapy trays 45 EUR

Prophylactic dentistry →

pediatric dentistry fees

Dental Service Fee
Temporary tooth extraction 12 EUR
Temporary tooth filling 14 EUR
Temporary tooth endodontic therapy 14 EUR
Sealing of pits, fissures 20 EUR

Pediatric dentistry services →

cosmetic dentistry fees

Dental Service Fee
Professional whitening 100 EUR

Cosmetic dentistry services →

odonto-therapy fees

Dental Service Fee
Direct/indirect capping 12 EUR
Small composite/ glass ionomer filling 20 EUR
Medium composite/ glass ionomer filling 25 EUR
Highly difficult frontal physiognomic fillings 28 - 37 EUR
Large composite/ glass ionomer filling 30 EUR
Atypical cavity fillings 30 EUR
Restoration of massively damaged tooth 35 EUR

Odonto-therapy →

implants fees

Dental Service Fee
Implant exposure + healing cap 10 EUR
Cauterization 10 EUR
Bio-Oss 0.5 g 100 EUR
Cytoplast membrane 150 EUR
Closed sinus lift 300 EUR
Alpha Bio dental implant 400 EUR
MIS dental implant 400 EUR
Mega-Gen dental implant 450 EUR
Open sinus lift (addition material included) 600 EUR

Implant services →

periodontology fees

Dental Service Fee
Sub-gingival curettage / tooth 10 EUR
Scaling, dental arch brushing 18 EUR
Fixation of periodontal teeth with orthodontic wire 58 EUR
Fixation with composite + glass fiber 80 EUR
Surgery with flap per tooth with bone addition 105 EUR

Periodontology services →

dental prosthetic fees

Dental Service Fee
Cementing of the work / tooth 5 EUR
Dental piece ablation / tooth 7 EUR
Acrylic crown cabinet 8 EUR
Removal of crown-root restorations 20 EUR
Dentatus 20 EUR
Individual spoon 25 EUR
Cast (metallic) crown-root restoration 25 EUR
Prosthesis repairs 30 EUR
Prosthetic implant abutment 30 EUR
Acrylic crown cabinet 30 EUR
Maryland bridge 30 EUR
Glass fiber crown-root restoration 30 EUR
Bruxism tray 35 EUR
Prosthesis coating 35 EUR
Whitening trays 45 EUR
Metal crown 58 EUR
Weisser crown 80 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown (Vita) 105 EUR
Zirconium-based crown 140 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown (D'sign) 140 EUR
Pressed porcelain crown 150 EUR
Pressed porcelain veneer 150 EUR
Total prosthesis 160 EUR
Skeletal prosthetic device 525 EUR

Dental prosthetic services and treatments →

dental surgery fees

Dental Service Fee
Pericoronitis drug treatment 12 EUR
Exposure 20 EUR
Mobile tooth extraction 20 EUR
Mono-radicular/pluriradicular tooth extraction with suture 25/30 EUR
Remaining root extraction 25 EUR
Abscess incision 25 EUR
Deciduous teeth extraction 25 EUR
Upper/lower wisdom tooth extraction 45 EUR
Premolarization 45 EUR
Partly enclosed wisdom tooth extraction 58 EUR
Alveolectomy 70 EUR
Frontal apical resection 92 EUR
Enclosed wisdom tooth extraction 105 EUR
Cystectomy 115 EUR
Molar apical resection 140 EUR

Dental surgery services →

endodontic dentistry fees

Dental Service Fee
Ca (OH)2 treatment 25 EUR
Perforation closing with MTA 25 EUR
Nerve extirpation 25 EUR
Single root canal treatment 25 EUR
Treatment of two-root canal 30 EUR
Re-treatment of single root canal 30 EUR
Retreatment of two-root canal 35 EUR
Multiple root canal treatment 37 EUR
Retreatment of multiple root canal 40 EUR

Endodontic dental services →

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