Metal-porcelain dental crowns

The role of dental crowns is to restore the natural shape and the normal functional condition, of a damaged tooth.

Metal-porcelain dental crowns

This type of dental restauration is used in the following cases:

  1. there is considerable cavity damage at the tooth and there isn’t sufficient healthy structure for fillings or inlays – in general, any tooth that retains less than 50% of the natural material requires crown inlay;

  2. the tooth is fractured and cannot be restored by conventional techniques, using composite materials for considerable cavity damage, the patient may choose crown restoration for additional protection;

  3. endodontic root canal treatment is often completed with the installation of a dental crown, to protect the vulnerable tooth – particularly the molars;

  4. bruxism, improper food intake and dental erosion may lead to such considerable deterioration that the crown is the only restorative option;

  5. the dental crown must meet a series of requirements, such as fulfil all the functions of the natural tooth it covers and look like it, allow dental flossing, not to retain food, not to be uncomfortable and not to modify the occlusion.

Clinical case 26:
Restoring treatments and metal-porcelain crown

28-year old patient consultation for aesthetic reasons, complaining about bad smell and bleeding gums. I chose to remove the old work, redo the canal treatment and the prosthetic abutments. The gum suffered from chronic irritation, but owing to the correct adjustment of the new ceramic work, the gum regained its natural aspect. Since this is an important aesthetic area, I chose a metal-ceramic material (Ivoclar D'sign).

17 September 2014Restoring treatments and metal-porcelain crown →

Clinical case 10:
Metal-porcelain dental crowns

Patient arrived at the dental office for aesthetic reasons. I chose to restore the 4 upper incisors with 4 metal-ceramic crowns (improved appearance), and the lateral part by 2 fixed metal-ceramic pieces. All the works were performed in Vita porcelain.

12 December 2012Metal-porcelain dental crowns →

Clinical case 4:
Metal-porcelain dental crowns Vita

Patient arrived at the dental office for aesthetic reasons. The old acrylic piece was removed, canal treatments were redone, as well as the prosthetic abutments. For improved physiognomic appearance, I chose individual prosthesis of teeth by metal-ceramic crowns (Vita porcelain).

12 December 2012Metal-porcelain dental crowns Vita →

Clinical case 3:
Individual metal-porcelain dental crowns

Patient with badly adjusted dental piece and decayed teeth. I restored the endodontic treatment, as well as the prosthetic abutments (metal pivots). The new piece includes metal-ceramic crowns (Vita porcelain).

12 December 2012Individual metal-porcelain dental crowns →

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