Endodontic dentistry

Endodontic dental services

Endodontics deals with the treatment of pulp infections and their complications.

The treatment focuses on the elimination of discomfort and of pain.

Assisted by innovative equipment (apex locator, Zeiss loupes, Morita) and by advanced materials (Ah plus canal paste), we obtain the preparation and the filling of canals, ensuring significant resistance of the treated teeth.

Complete list of endodontic dentistry

  • Ca (OH)2 treatment

  • Re-treatment of single root canal

  • Single root canal treatment

  • Multiple root canal treatment

  • Nerve extirpation

  • Treatment of two-root canal

  • Retreatment of two-root canal

  • Retreatment of multiple root canal

  • Perforation closing with MTA

endodontic dentistry fees

Dental Service Fee
Ca (OH)2 treatment 25 EUR
Re-treatment of single root canal 30 EUR
Single root canal treatment 25 EUR
Multiple root canal treatment 37 EUR
Nerve extirpation 25 EUR
Treatment of two-root canal 30 EUR
Retreatment of two-root canal 35 EUR
Retreatment of multiple root canal 40 EUR
Perforation closing with MTA 25 EUR

For details on related services and corresponding prices please see the price list for endodontic dentistry or the complete list of dental services.

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