Dental implants

The dental implant is a "screw", sized to match natural teeth, made from titanium – a type of metal 100% biocompatible with human tissues. The dental implant will replace a tooth (or several teeth) lost after an extractor or because of other complications.

Dental implants

Once the dental implant is inserted, a 3 to 5 month time interval of standby is required; this time interval is called the period of osseointegration. In this period, the human body will create new bone tissue that will deposit around the implant threads. After this period of osseointegration, the attachment procedure can begin (execution of the final dental crown).

Clinical case 18:
Full bi-maxillary edentulism

Patient suffering from full bi-maxillary edentulism. 8 implants were inserted at the maxillary and 8 implants at the under-jaw. After osseointegration, two all metal-ceramic bridges were executed (Ivoclar D'sign ceramic).

20 August 2014Full bi-maxillary edentulism →

Clinical case 17:
Implants and metal-ceramic fixed bridge

The patient scheduled a consultation both for aesthetic reasons and (most of all) for functional ones. Since the patient rejected categorically the version of moving prosthesis, an option suggested by several physicians she had visited before, we opted for the insertion of 8 dental implants (Alpha-Bio). After the period of osseointegration we added a fixed metal-ceramic bridge (Ivoclar D'sign).

18 August 2014Implants and metal-ceramic fixed bridge →

Clinical case 13:
Alpha Bio implants and zirconia-based bridge

Patient with total upper edentulism. We inserted 6 implants (Alpha Bio), then waited for 6 months for osseointgration and executed a fixed zirconia-non-ceramic insert.

6 September 2013Alpha Bio implants and zirconia-based bridge →

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